"frog" #1....at Least For This Year

  So yesterday I was talking with a male co-worker and he thinks it's funny that I do not get dates often, (hardly at all). And at some point he said..."it is what you make of it". Very true, but I guess because of my age I just get discouraged from time to time.  Anyway, in the conversation he also said that he "kissed, a lot of frogs before he met his fience." I thought it was funny, I've heard it said many other times from people, but I have never really ever been even asked out to even get that chance. So I thought about what he said, and decided that I would say yes the next time I get asked out, and I would put a little more effort into getting asked out. (even though I think I've put effort out there). Anyway, when I got home, I was IM'd and asked out. This person is  a friend of  a friend and I made a date with him a month or so ago and he stood me up then. I thought well maybe we misunderstood each other so I agreed. We set up the where and when and I showed up, he didn't. I texted him twice asking if he was there, on his way or coming. He never responded. I guess he will be my 1st frog of the year. Lol. I have had others in my life but I am going to start from here. :)

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7 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Nice dc :)...and comeback, things just get discouraging at times.

Look on the bright side...maybe he is afraid he isn't carrying the right weapon for you anyways.:) dc

There's plenty more fish in the sea keep on bating that hook lady and loosen up some more.

I don't know.....but you can't say I didn't give him a chance.....maybe he's gun shy

Wow, what a jerk. I wonder what his deal is? Asking you out twice and standing you up both times?

I agree, Thank you!!! :)

That dude (dud) can get stuffed.