You Asked Me Why.....

    You asked me today why do I care. I should have asked you why I shouldn't. Instead I answered because I do. Do you think I shouldn't because of all of the hurt that has happened between us? Do you think you don't deserve it? Why would you ask why? Why can't you except that I just do? I have tried to express it to you for yrs now, do you still dought it? Do you think that I'm lying? Yes, there are people in my life that if they did half, no a quarter of the stuff you've done to me I would have let them leave, or would have left myself. But you, you are a different story. You I love. It is an unconditional love, whether you give it back or not. It is like loving my children. Yes, they have done some really wrong things that have caused issues, but I still love them. I always taught them while growing up, that I don't like, or I hate what they have done, or did, but I still love them. One of my children so totally betrayed me and helped to distroy our family, but, I still love him. Like I still love you.

   You asked me today why I care.....maybe you should be asking yourself why you don't, or why you can't.

jrabbit1321 jrabbit1321
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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

I do just that destiney......I always tell them I love them and tell them that I will always be there for them....but thank you :)