90% Of The Time A Strong Woman

   So you can be that strong woman 90% of the time. Time in, time out. You are there for everybody. You help them, you even get your own stuff done, but then.....There's always a but then. But then, you just can't be that strong woman for another minute. You falter and fall. Maybe not fall all of the way, but you still fall. You cry, you show your weak side. You show that you are human just like everybody else. And what happens? You guessed it....nobody is there for you, You are there for you, an you have to slap yourself around to pull it together. It's hard. We all want support and appreciation from our family and friends, and when you really really need it, they aren't anywhere around.

  They say being strong and confident is attractive. It is, but there is another side also. Nobody, I mean nobody can be strong and confident 100% of the time. That's why we need a good support system in our lives. I have found that I have gotten more support from strangers than I have from my "family and friends." That's sad in many ways, but support is still support.

  Today I am feeling strong and confident. Will it stay for tomorrow or the next day or the next? I don't know, but I hope so, but if I falter and need a hug, or a laughter some other kind of support, can I ask you to help?

  Thanks, and have a great, strong and confident day :)

jrabbit1321 jrabbit1321
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3 Responses Apr 14, 2010

Amen to that! Hope that today is another strong and confident day. x

Thank you very much Ambivilent..... :)

You exhibited your strenght by writing your post! Relief comes from exposing weakness because it takes strenght to expose a weakness. I commend your thoughts and wishes! Kudos to you! Most of us couldn't even write that.