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Hello my name is scherisce and Im 42 years old, newly married and i need a kidney transplant. I have 2 daughters 24,12, & my 12 year old was born 2 years after a kidney transplant, and i was very fortunate. I love my life, but i hope to get another transplant,I take very.good care of myself I wanna live to be 80 years old, hopefully...i had 2 transplants already that failed at the hands of others. I eat well, dont drink to much fluid or eat to much potassium...I cafan stop my heart..I had a bad car accident, in Jannuary 07. Then my transplanted kidney failed, Then in june of 07 inside of a cab i got n2 another car accident, and each time I wasnt the driver.....I just got married, I luv my sxy husband, and hes a match for a kidney transplant,but I have antibodies to him so im hoping to raise enuff money to go to John Hopskins, Baltimore, please donate life, god knows if just one person donated just 1 kidney it would reduce the amount of people like me waiting on dialysis...I love life, donate u can sav
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Hello scherisce, my name is Mandy,am 35 year old,Hieght 6/1", good health, non smoker non drinker & my Blood Group is O+ . If you need contact me,,,