I'm looking for someone that can be an active part of my life. There are so many things I want to do but find myself crippled by apathy, laziness and hopelessness. I need someone who can encourage me, work beside me and help me organize my life. I need someone more dedicated than a just a friend and is someone who gets joy from life by helping people achieve their potential.
Unfortunately I married a woman who is unable to be these things to me and we have children together as well.
My hope is that by improving myself personally/physically/mentally I'll be capable of being those things for my family.
For the last 10 years I've been doing my best to be the cornerstone of my family, but I'm running out of fuel.
It seems every year that passes, I have less and less emotional/mental energy to keep caring.
I've seen counselors, I'm on medication and it has helped me in some aspects of my life, but overall I don't think I can be where I want to be without someone to hold my hand and occasionally slap my face when I need it.
I know what my strengths are and I know I have untapped potential, but my weaknesses have tempered those and only allowed me to be a mediocre person.
I don't want to be mediocre anymore.
This isn't me asking for a bunch of people to send me a bunch of motivational quotes or personal insights. This is me asking for resources. I need to physically find a person that can fulfill these requirements.
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I am a spiritual energy and body transformation coach and personal trainer. Let me know if I can be of assistance

How do you help us?

Your story sounds so similar to mine! I would like to make a new friend and maybe somehow we can help each other! I am new to this site, but so far I have found it kind of slightly addictive! So I will message you again when I have time to talk, k

Yes I am feeling like you in so many ways! I would like the opportunity to help you if I can in turn maybe you could impart some male insight to me?!

I'm not one to turn down an offer of help, and I am always willing to impart any insight I can give u!