Sick of Housework

As a mom of 4 I am always picking up and trying to get things done. Just one day would be nice to have someone other than myself come in and clean. My house is not a disaster area I just get sick of being the only one around here cleaning. If I wanted to do that all the time then I would have become a maid.
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yes i agree with getting the kids to help. as soon as my kids were old enough to understand, they were taught to put away their toys. even if at first i had to hold their hands to do it. i'm a neat freak, so i can't help myself,,i love to clean lol !! i do it for work and then come home and clean some more...... however it would seem to me that its everybodys job to help around the house.

What about the hubby? I hear he can be trained as well. LOL! <br />
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I definitely have to agree with Erica though. My son is grown up now (he's 23) and lives on his own. He is a very capable young man. He is proud that he can take care of himself and knows how to do almost anything, even though he grew up without a father. <br />
He knows how to cook; (better than just cook he's very talented that way - he's not afraid to try new things) and do his own laundry; he can dust; wash the floor; and vaccum & do dishes, etc. Most things a lot of the young women his age never got a chance to learn when living at home. <br />
I often wonder about a parent or parents who don't prepare their child for the world they are moving into or growin' up towards. I always thought that that was my job. To help him and teach him how to go out into the world and take care of himself. <br />
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He sure appreciates it. It made my job a lot easier too. While he was vaccuming (let's say) he was learning responsibility, helping and staying out of trouble. Not only that, but, he was learning work ethics. If you think about it, while they learn to do it they realize how it's not as easy as it looks and it's doesn't actually get done by itself and they appreciate you and their home a lot more.<br />
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Try it out for size and let me know. Just don't give up because there will be resistance, but they will thank you for it later.<br />
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Sounds like its time to get the kids signed up to help clean. I have read that kids as young as two or three are old enough to have the responsibility of putting their own toys away, and other simple chores.

I understand! I can pick up the living room floor BEFORE I go to work, and 15 minutes after we're all home, it looks WORSE than ever before! I sometimes don't think it's the actual cleaning we don't like; it's the unappreciation of our efforts, as the others in the household commense to REDESTROYING. A helping hand would also be appreciated!