Breeding Women

I know this is not a popular point of view but I was raised as an old fashioned woman knowing what my place was in the world . . . its a mans world as far as I'm concerned and women are here for several reasons but being breed is the biggest one. I do what my men tell me to do and while I've never been able to have a child, when I met a man who told me he thought my purpose was to become milky for men to enjoy I went out and right way started the processI and I haven't looked back I love to accomodate men who want to nurse or suck erotically and I have to say I've never felt more like a woman. I've lost my bitchiness, I'm softer and sweeter as a woman should be. I let my man make the big decisions in life as long as he keeps my **** filled with his constant sucking that is all I'm here for. I know this won't be a popular belief but please don't put it down until you've tried it . . . and I do think most men will agree with me on this :) let me hear from you men!
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Wow, what a great story. It makes me feel lucky to have my wife. I breed her most days and feed from her every day. It just makes me feel so loved. Even if she is sore she will still let me feed, she's the most caring woman. I hope you all find a woman who will lovingly feed you her milk.

yes 150% right, wish more women more women understood their role like u do. man place to breed her and care for her and any children they have.

I absolutely agree with you %1000 yes I said %1000 ..... More women should think and be like you. I'd love to meet one to breed and keep milky for me.

i like the idea...

I like the idea

I love to nurse at a womans milky breasts. Besides being a breast lover of the highest order:). I find it so relaxing & contenting when a woman is lactating & I'm actually getting milk while suckling from her. My only problem (Like many other breast loving guys have) is finding a local lady who feels the same way :(
Thank-you for sharing your story!

Would love to have a gal to let me suck her swollen ****.I'm in Evansville.IN and will travel citywide.Thanks for your story.

MMM I love ANR, and I love sucking on a woman's ****

I wouldn't complain. I love fresh milk and I only milk by hand.

For sure......It works very well for me!

I think it's very hot

Yes, I strongly agree! I love the feeling of a woman's breast in my mouth. It makes me feel at ease and puts me in a better state of mind. To know that I am helping her maintain her milk flow makes me feel even better!

it has been scientifically proven breast milk is healthier for you than actual cow milk. Now weather it is for adults or not that a different story but i sure as hell love the sweet taste

Can you please provide a link to this scientfic proof?

That's great you feel more womanly now that you induced lactation. I fantasize much about an ANR but I live too far away from you. I'd LOVE so much to get breastfed on your breasts for extended time hopefully satisfying you too as I suckle both, gently and strong on your wonderful milky breasts.

I love your mantra!

thank you so much for your support!