Our spirits occupy these bodies to experience life. A massage enjoyed by both is the closed thing to ecstasy consciousness I have experienced.
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Sure. I understand the rules of no sex. That's not my ob<x>jective. <br />
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I will call you soon.<br />
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I am seeking a spiritual experience within the session. SInce the body is the receptor of sensations: hearing (massage or meditation music, and directed meditation), and smell (from oils or incense), touch is the main transfer of energy between the two bodies. I do expect mutual touch and sharing the massage, with respect and honoring personal boundaries.<br />
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I do not have any layovers scheduled for Los Angeles at this time. (through July). <br />
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All in Divine Order... <br />
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Thank you.

Are you in need of a massage?<br />
and to the point of what your spirit and body needs?<br />
I can help. I am a massage therapist.<br />
contact me if you are interested at 949.929.8053 <br />
and please see my website for all guidelines and procedures:<br />
www.wix.com/lovingtouch2/chandellearnold2<br />
(no sex or sex acts during the massage-strictly apply)<br />
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look forward to hearing from you.<br />
Bless.<br />