I have been having major anxiety lately, and been trying to ignore it, which just makes it worse.....
I've found coloring had really helped me calm down a little sometimes..... I have a book (and need to get coloring pencils) to keep at work.... keep it right at my desk, and while I'm working, lightly color to sooth myself
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1 Response Feb 20, 2016

It does help me too. But I don't just color now. I do art stuff to soothe pain. Sometimes I just kind of like transfer the pain I've been feeling to the art I created. Something like that. I started with the coloring too and then apparently begin sketching and then painting and the process just keeps going on.

that's awesome! I did one painting class for a bday party, and got bit by the bug!
my hubby got me some painting supplies to start off!

Yeah! I've sold my paintings so I could help out with my parents to pay college fees. I thought that hobby when I get emotional break helped me out a little even financially.

that's great! I'm hoping one day I can maybe do that as well....