I Am Amazed At The Human Mind

The Human mind is an incredible piece of creation.In my lifetime I have seen so many advancements in what we Humans have achieved.Landing on the Moon,artificial Hearts,The world wide web and countless others.All of these achievements pale in comparison to the wonder of the Human mind. We have only begun to scratch on the surface of its potential.In another 100 years everything we hold now as incredible will be antique,the Human Race will develop new concepts that none of us have even considered yet.The thought of the sheer ability of our minds is mind blowing itself,it's complexity is beyond our understanding yet we will keep on learning,keep on pushing the barriers to levels that appear impossible right now. I would like to be around to see all this progress,who knows maybe I will be back in some point in time,the mind will develop possibly into time travel,just thinking of the possible progress is beyond my ability to absorb this incredible machine,this sponge we all have in our heads. See you all lets say in 250 years,yep I had better make sure I set up a fund to keep me as a sponsor of EP for eternity.
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yes,minds are great,i just wish,i had not lost mine...................rob

Thank you for your kind comments,very appreciated :-)

Sometimes am successful and other times it's like I have never done it. I have been requested to prove it works and have tried with no succession except one time. I have total recall of all the successes and the failures. I don't know what I would do if Icouldn't. I find I can do best when I am trying to helpsomone. I find times that What I have planed wont work and I take another course. I like your writings.<br />

Thank you,I am usually about on this site in the evening time :-)