Anyone Wanna Go?

Oh my goodness, look at the logo for this group. . . I mean really look at it- can't you just feel the warm breeze and feel the gentle rock of the hammock?

I just downloaded this new logo for me today too. . . it is a place in Tampa, Florida.  Definitely looks like the perfect location for a peaceful retreat doesn't it?

In fact let's go now. . . Datura are ya up for a trip?




Anna2 Anna2
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32 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Hey Kindal,<br />
So glad that you could join us. . . could ya pass the suntan lotion hon?

Thank you anna2 for bringing this experience to my attention. I really need a mind vacation! Will have to add it to my goals...., a manditory goal! :)

anna. the photo of you is stunning. it is you right.<br />
<br />
i do a little photography and I am really impressed<br />
<br />

Hmmmm ...

Great Trailguide!!!! Here Danda.....just slip this on:)

Oh.. i packed an extra dress :)

Danda, you've heard of the movie Some Like It Hot, right? Well, I think that if your going to join us on the "girl's trip" you should have to dress like Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon did!

Yayy, we're actually on our way. . . look at those clouds out the window! <br />
<br />
Oh they're passing out the head sets for a movie. . . great- it's "Under a tuscan sun". . . I love this movie.<br />
<br />
Excuse me while I put my headset on for a little while.

Run!? Oh ,oh. Maybe those Margaritas weren't such a good idea.

Whew, got the last parking space. . . let's run to make our flight.

I'll make sure he behaves... :p

Danda Hello! <br />
Now we wouldn't let just any guy come along but I'm willing to make an exception for you. . . whattya think ladies???

Oppps...hehe. One too many. Just trying to take the edge off before the flight. The rest is for Strawberry and you Anna ... once we park the car though.

Sorry, Anna! I was just enjoying the sounds of the wind blowing through my hair, and thinking about how much nicer it is than the sound of a hockey game droning in the background that I just left behind!

No worries Strawberry, once we check in we can go straight to the pool side bar. I hear they make the best pina coladas there!

Hey ladies... i'm gonna have some catching up to do when i get there... save me some margaritas.

Datura may have had too many too. I can't tell if she is napping with those dark shades on or if she is just quiet. Somebody nudge her back there. . .

trailguide, you've packed a "sun hut" in there??? lol<br />
I think that you're flagged - no more margaritas for you! :)

Now I can't drive too fast since traffic is heavy near the air port and you know the police will notice a bright red convertible with a bunch of wild women singing loudly.<br />
<br />
Who brought that pitcher of frozen margaritas? Don't spill it in my car! :)

Bikini, sun hut, couple of light dresses, sandals...hope i didn't forget anything :)

I'm on my way.... =)

Hi, Ladies! This will be soooooo fun!!!! I get shotgun!

Wow, just one bag trailguide? (opening the trunk) you pack light!! Did you remember to pack your bikini?

:) Just drive fast, so we are out of here before the next snow storm.

Oh so glad that you can join us Strawberry. Wanna hop the next plane outta Heathrow and meet all of us in Tampa?

A vacation sounds wonderful to me... =)

Sure, Trailguide - there's plenty of room in the back of the convertible! Hold onto your hat though!

Strawberry would you like to come along too? I know that the weather can be dreary in England this time of year!

Take me with you, ladies ...please.

Wait up.....I have to find someone to feed the cats........

Okay hop in, I'm on my way to the airport.

I sure am, Anna. Take me away from this snow!