Starting Own Business

My name is Art. I am a good guy.....Ive worked in sales for several companies over the last 20 years and have done well. Im trying 'hard to start my own website/business. I know I can draw people to it and they'll like and buy my products. Building the site has just been so hard. Please pray for me that God will help me get things done and then have great success in my business.
Thank you So much and God Bless You In Abundance!
ArtG ArtG
1 Response Aug 2, 2010

Thanks very much. I'm working with a company and hopefully the start=up process of all this will be complete soon......anywayz.....I know it can sound crazy trying to start a business online. Alot has gone into this.....I think I've got something that could do so great.<br />
Thanks again and I hope you're both doing well.<br />