i need a miracle to happen... my story in life... i had a good job til i had to quite cuz of health issues and now my rent is more then my income and i have tons of bills and i help my middle son out he lives with me but won't talk to me and so that was a slap across the face my oldest son left 4 years ago not a word from him or seen him and my truck has broken down i have no way to fix it cuz i went helped my son out.... i wish i was healed... see better.. or just knowing someone out there that care enough to help.. i can remeber when i was a little girl my neighbor always came over to ask if we needed help and now i can't get a stranger just to say hello they tell you go to hell or turn their nose up in the air or they call you cow ,pig or they throw food at you cuz your over weight..
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1 Response May 14, 2012

I'm 30 yrs have a perfect life other than my back gave out, completely, I need a miricle to keep my family, job, and friends I will pray foy u