I was behind a car at the light today. Someone ran a red and blocked the car ahead from proceeding on the turn arrow. I gave a fairly aggressive honk to the red runner and the driver in front of me open their window and gave me the finger. As I turned thru I wanted to quickly tell the driver I was honking the red runner but thanks for the bird. As I got beside the car, the passenger was across the driver looking at me like he wanted to climb thru the window at me and was making body language to indicate he was ready to fight. The driver was a female who was looking very distressed by the incident going down and was braking and avoiding being beside me. I had no intention of turning this exchange into a road rage so I smiled as politely as I was getting and drove away... THEY WERE BOTH DRESSES IN FULL AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FATIGUES! The bird flipper and face in the window were both Aussy Military, coming or going from base!

Good show Australia: way to put your finest on display.
ttdawgtt ttdawgtt
46-50, M
Jun 18, 2015