Me And My Cell Phone

I have this really bad habit I leave my cell phone anywhere.I'll be out side and put down my phone and forget it till it is to late my bigger dog has got a hold of it a buried it,or put it in his water.I'll have it in side and my indoor dog will hear it ring and take it to put it in his water dish or hide it.I have gone through 7 cell phone in 0NE year this year I have had  only been 4.I have misplaced it again today (Sunday) it might be outside in the yard or in my house I need to ask my dog.oh will 4 cell phones will this be number 5 gosh i hope not I just got to go look...

YouWhoRainDancer YouWhoRainDancer
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4 Responses Mar 14, 2010


Yes. I like to see things as big as I can, if you know what I mean.

bigger screen?

I want a new cell phone just because, but no one has hidden mine. I want one with a bigger screen.