The Phone's Had It

after nearly three years of being used and abused, my cell phone is crossing the threshold of death's alternates between completely dead and little flickers of life. i'm babying her for now, and hoping to go phone shopping one day this week. i've actually had a love/hate relationship with this phone from the beginning. never was the most reliable, but it did get me through ok enough, plus she's just so darn cute! but we've had our time together, and now we must move on. as much as the damn phone annoyed me sometimes, i do believe she'll make it to cell phone heaven, and i certainly hope she enjoys it.

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___cell phones remain a LUXURY item... the POOREST across the USA cannot afford them, sadly, nor the internet either one... it is a real shame what DISABLED VICTIMS endure first in their SUFFERING the DISABILITY and secondly in the DURESS that is pummeled upon their lives with POVERTY! Something that DESERVES to be RECOGNIZED and ADDRESSED, here and elsewhere and OFTEN... until something is ALTERED and THE VICTIMS OF INJURY AND OTHER DISABLING components NO LONGER ENDURE WITH THEIR AGONY of INJURY... POVERTY as well!!!<br />
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Your story, is cute... I have read similar tales spun online... about the "cell phone 'heaven' for the dieing units"... :D, actually is what brought me to your page today... I AM A COMPUTER "GEEK" let's pretend it anyways... and MY interest in ONLINE communities as well as WEB DESIGN is DEMANDING an understanding of "CELLULAR USE" among other communication AREAS...<br />
<br />
Phones ARE essential to people across the USA!<br />
It is true TRAGEDY that our POOREST are LEFT in many PERILS in many HARDSHIPS,<br />
and so few of the CITIZENS take even the TIME OF DAY to consider their PLIGHTS though OWED to each CITIZEN... =, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION... and GOOD HEALTH which WITHOUT QUESTION includes... NO POVERTY!!!<br />
<br />
I have a "PAL", a woman friend in her late 20s, that REFUSES to part with her CELL PHONE,<br />
and perhaps it assists her IN THINKING of WAYS TO UTILIZE HER SKILLS in Life... !!!<br />
xo<br />
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What about you?<br />
And what MODEL will you be thinking you might go with next?<br />
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Want a joke to brighten up CELLULAR thought?<br />
:D<br />
Girls are like phones. <br />
We like to be held and talked too, but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected!<br />
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it's funny, because half the time i'll put the thing down somewhere and then walk off without it, then forget where i left it and have to retrace my steps...i swear i spend more time looking for it than actually using it.