I Feel I Am Wasting Away....

I have been working at a veterinary clinic for 8 yrs. I was desperate for a job when I took this one due to layoffs at my previous company. It was getting to the point that money was running out, and I needed something immediately. I did not want to go on unemployment as I am a very prideful person, and I felt like I would be taking a handout. I have taken correspondence courses in another field while working at my current job, but only had 3 interviews in the entire 8 yrs. I know part of the reason in the economy right now; not many are hiring. I am online a lot applying for jobs in my area of study, but I have not had a bite since November. My boss owns 5 vet clinics (4 in our area and 1 out of town), and he is awful at business management and even worse at people skills. We never get rewarded for anything; not even a thank you. He never fires anyone unless they have screwed up for the upteenth time; he gives many, many second chances, and those of us who show up and do our jobs don't get any recognition at all. He panders to the crybabies. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. If he says he is going to do something, we never believe him because we have heard it all before, and nothing changes. The worst part is, his wife is the office manager at our main clinic, and she is the biggest b****. He let the doctor I worked with full time walk out the door without fighting for her; now, I only work with our current doctor 3 days every 2 weeks, and I sit by myself only there to answer phones and take care of boarders 5 days in row in a 2 week period; which is why I am on this site a lot; I need something to do instead of staring at a wall for 10 hours a day. Our clinic used to be busy before the other doctor left, and I was able to learn a lot of new techniques, but now, I just sit around and I feel like I am useless and that its a waste of time. I'm sure there are people out there who think it would be great to get payed for sitting around; ITS NOT GREAT. It is mind numbing and I think it could be a form of torture in some countries.
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Im not sure if you got a new job but I need one also I am the youngest and last to hire so everything is blamed and dumped on me. I almost walked out today and didnt come back

Unfortunately, I have not gotten a new job yet, but still looking. That happened to me when I first started this job. My co-workers would walk away and I would be the one left at the desk answering the phones by myself and helping clients by myself; now mind you, there were 2 other receptionists I had to work with on a daily basis, and they never seemed to be anywhere to be found when it came time to actually work. I have since been at a satelitte clinic for the past 6 yrs, and now I am utterly bored due to multiple doctor and doctor schedule changes. There was one time I almost walked out too. I had to work with an awful doctor who criticized everything I did; and I mean everything. He would find things to yell at me for. I dealt with this for a year, and then he left. There was one day I went to get the mail outside and for some reason I unconsciously grabbed my car keys and when I realized what I did, I thought how easy it would be to drive away and not come back. So I know how you feel when you want to walk out and not go back.