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I dont really know the proper way to write this story about needing a job, because i dont need a job...I need and desperately want a career! I want something that i can grow and evolve with. I want something that when i leave to go home I'm fine with taking it with me. I dont want to have headaches or an attitude after i put my 8 hrs in. I know that your not going to love every aspect of your work and i know that your not going to love every job you take. But i want to at least have a "job" I can tolerate thats within my career.

I took a job when i first moved back from college in a field not within my degree and that literally sucked my soul out. From the 1st day of being trained i hated it. But it was with a good company everyone told me and it was a "big kids" job. even though i hated it i stuck with it because its the responsible thing to do. Plus as long as the weekends came and I could afford to go out i thought i could cope. But after a staying a year, receiving a performance award, and 2 pay raises, last month I quit...

I have been looking into what im really passionate about. After talking with people who enjoy their careers, and thinking about my past experiences and interest I want to work with youth again. Ive read and been told if your doing what you enjoy the money will come and honestly right now its just me to support so being content the 40+ hours of week people have to work out weights pay. But i have no clue where to start a job search for careers with kids that dont involve me going back to school right now for teacher degree or social work degree. I worked in a residential facility for intensive treatment for 2 years while in college and my degree is in Mass Media if anyone has any suggestions please let me know

I dont mean to sound whiny or scrambled in my writing, just had to put the thoughts that were swimming around down somewhere
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Hi ya, I have seen you message poor you don't feel hopeless it's about finding the right career you can blossom well in with support and recognition. I too was in a similar situation to you I felt hopeless a while back I had an amazing career whereby I was a director and a team leader and was recognised in my transport career but once I had my children I decided to have a career break loved every moment with my kids but with few to no mummy friends and just being a mummy I lost a sense of my skills beyond mummy n housewife job. I felt low and thought this is how it was going to be too but then I found my most amazing job and I love it it's in retail but working for yourself and the hours you want and working from home. It was perfect for me with the kids at home. I love talking to people and soon my sense of loneliness disappeared because my job didn't feel like a job as I loved but the people who work with me are so supportive and encouraging. I have gone from leaps and bounds and close to getting slots of promotions and bonuses. I love that I get recognition for this company something I have never had ever to this extent and the support is truly unbelievable ! I am in an amazing company earning brilliant money but not stopping there as lots of promotions and bonuses to be had soo working hard but I know I will get it as others have too. It's all based on who you are, for once if ine works you get rewarded and paid very well!! I am now looking to expand my team and am recruiting for toe more people who are hardworking and have a flair in sales and can excel to achieve the bonuses and the incentives. If you are interest text me on. 07595368834 yarlini.
From what you have mentioned I think with your. 8 years retail you would be an excellent employee and would fit into the company immediately and excel to get bonuses but you will be paid incredibly well if you work hard. I never thought doing what I could do could earn me so much money just feel blessed and happy perhaps you too could feel like this. Contact me for a chat about the job !

Wishing you the best in your job search. I just entered a career that I've been told is full of opportunities. The problem is I don't really want those opportunities. My passion is working with college students. I've tried seeking jobs in this field but turns out I didn't get the right degree. I've reached that point where people tell me I'm getting old and just need to settle in a career. I'm not wire sure where to go. All I know is I want to quit where I'm at. But I at least hope you land in that career that makes you want to get up every morning.

You wrote it just fine. There is a definite distinction between a job and a career as you've realized. I'm in the same kind of situation; hate the work that I've been doing but kind of stuck until I do some SERIOUS re-education (MBA to PhD in psychology). I never was truly passionate about what I do (HR management/ manufacturing operations, etc.) but have most enjoyed counseling others through volunteer work. <br />
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Since you said that you enjoyed working with youth and that you worked in a residential facility for intensive treatment for 2 years, I would suggest perhaps doing a job search for positions in residential facilities for youth. You have some experience working in a residential facility, so definitely play that up on your resume and of course change your summary statement/ob<x>jective to highlight what kind of job you want. Since you already have a degree, it's likely that all of the first 2 years of general studies coursework you already did will transfer towards a new degree if you decide to get a degree related to your new line of work. Some places that you work for will offer tuition reimbursement towards related coursework/degrees, so that is also another consideration. For right now, your best bet is the job search for the youth residential facility.

thanks for the advice