I Don't Know What To Do!

I cannot handle my job anymore. I am a college student and I've been working at this grocery store for 2.5 years now! At first I was a cashier but moved up to cash office clerk/cashier in a year.

I am always treated poorly. I feel that there is no respect for the students at all. We are always told we talk too much even though I always see the "daytimers" talking for a half hour sometimes to family. We are told we are lazy even though we fulfill our job descriptions. We are treated as if we are stupid even though some of us have more education and a brighter future than the daytimers. We are constantly asked to change our work availability even though they know we can't leave school early or drop all extra-curriculars.

I am just fed up with it but I can't find a job anywhere else. I need at least 12 hours a week to keep my boyfriend and myself afloat and I worry I may not get that guaranteed starting anywhere else.

My job is also in the main part of the city and I am along the smaller towns outside so it is a 20 minute drive (with no traffic) to get there. On weekends I work from 6:30 - 1:00 so I need to be up at 5:30 every weekend! I want somewhere in my town but no one is hiring!!!

My best chance is the new restaurant that opened up across from the college but I have worries that if I can get on as a waitress that I won't be able to handle it. I get very upset when customers just repeatedly bash me down, at the grocery store I can't walk away from them, I have to stand at my cash as they berate me and tell me it is my fault. I hope that a waitress would be easier because I could excuse myself into the back to try and fix the problem or get the manager or something.

I worry about the fact that if people just take off then I have to pay for their meal out of my own money! I can't afford to do that... I also worry since I am not bilingual. My town's main language is English but people still claim that they only speak French... I cannot understand French let alone speak it. At the grocery store I could call a supervisor over because some of them are French but at a restaurant I can't just get someone else to wait my table...

I am very confused and stressed. I know that I'll still be treated poorly no matter where I go but at least I can cut down on the other things such as commute. Also I think it'd be easier because I only have 2 years left to work before graduation so by the time it gets too much for me I'll be leaving anyways.
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Right now I'm in the same boat. At the store where I work we were told two months ago that we would be getting a very sizable bonus this month, but late last month we were told it was only going to be $132 at the most. It put me in a position where I had to take out a personal loan from my bank to pay a friend of mine for a car I was buying from him. The management there has no credibility with me now. I hope to put my time with this company in the past as soon as I can.