I Love What I Do

But I cannot work with uninspiring people who have managed to suck the life out of my soul

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4 Responses Oct 22, 2008

Hi ya, I have seen you message poor you don't feel hopelessness I too was in a similar situation to you I felt hopelessness a while back I had an amazing career whereby I was a director and a team leader and was recognised in my transport career but once I had my children I decided to have a career break loved every moment with my kids but with few to no mummy friends and just being a mummy I lost a sense of my skills beyond mummy n housewife job. I felt low and thought this is how it was going to be too but then I found my most amazing job and I love it it's in retail but working for yourself and the hours you want and working from home. It was perfect for me with the kids at home. I love talking to people and soon my sense of loneliness disappeared because my job didn't feel like a job as I loved but the people who work with me are so supportive and encouraging. I have gone from leaps and bounds and close to getting slots of promotions and bonuses. I love that I get recognition for this company something I have never had ever to this extent and the support is truly unbelievable ! I am in an amazing company earning brilliant money but not stopping there as lots of promotions and bonuses to be had soo working hard but I know I will get it as others have too. It's all based on who you are, for once if ine works you get rewarded and paid very well!! I am now looking to expand my team and am recruiting for toe more people who are hardworking and have a flair in sales and can excel to achieve the bonuses and the incentives. If you are interest text me on. 07595368834 yarlini.
From what you have mentioned I think with your experience would be an excellent employee and would fit into the company immediately and excel to get bonuses but you will be paid incredibly well if you work hard. I never thought doing what I could do could earn me so much money just feel blessed and happy perhaps you too could feel like this. Contact me for a chat about the job !

I'm in the same situation too..<br />
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I like helping my customers understand their health insurance benefits and rights, but for all the success of the bussiness- the environment sucks. The type of people they are hiring are loud, brash, and rude. Our dislike of each is mutual, but at the end of the day I feel so alone and need to connect

Lmao, you might have trouble finding a job with that attitude...lmao...

I know what you mean -- I wrote my story in the "I hate my job" group, but it's pretty much the same experience. I have had the life sucked out of me by working there.<br />
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You did not say what exactly you do, but is it possible to do the same thing somewhere else? Polish up your resume and start sending it out. Don't stay in a job that impacts you in such a negative way. I've done that, and now stress is causing terrible havoc with my health. So get out while you still can, and I will be cheering for you. :)