I can't deal with mcdonalds anymore way to many rules.. Shay don't chew gum..Shay take your hands out your pockets..Shay don't rub your nose infront of customers.. ***** I got allergies !
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Aw that sucks! But, I was reading that last bit laughing! 😂😆

Where do u live mate ?

Well Shay---rubbing ones' nose in a eating establishment IS a little gross.....

Yea its disgusting actually but I told her I have bad allergies so I don't deal with food preparation at all and if I ask to go to the bathroom and she denies my request she leaves me with no choice

Weather you know it or not SHE cannot deny you OR any employee from going to the bathroom------ you can tell her she'll be hearing from your state labor board on the subject(if your in the USA)

That'll be useful thanks