I Can't Believe It's Been 6 Months...

Next week it will be 6 months since I lost my job.  I had the American dream - a big house in the suburbs, a six figure income, a wife and two beautiful children.  When I lost my job, it was a blow but I thought "this is only temporary" as I have a tremendous amount of experience in my field, lots on contacts and a top notch education behind me.  It's six months later and I am still without a job.  I send out resumes and have gotten a few hits but still no in person interviews.  I suppose that I should feel lucky that I have gotten a number of phone interviews.

Everyday is harder than the previous one.  My sense of self worth is slipping away.  I don't like to go out much, not because I don't have money but because I am embarrassed to tell people I am unemployed when inevitably someone asks me what I do.  I know I shouldn't feel shame because I did nothing wrong to cause me to lose my job but somehow I am ashamed.  I can't really talk to my wife or family about my feelings as I have always been the strong one, the one who succeeded, the one who had it all.

How long will it be before I get a job?  Will I be writing another experience on this site in 6 months that it's been a year since I lost my job?  I have never known the kind of fear I deal with everyday.  I know I am going to lose my home - it's only a matter of time.  I try to be positive but somedays are so tough.  How many more resumes will I send out before someone invites me in for an interview?  I know there are millions of people who are in a situation just like mine but I feel completely alone.

I'm going to send out more resumes today.  Maybe this group will lead me to a job.

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Hi ya, I have seen you message poor you don't feel hopelessness I too was in a similar situation to you I felt hopelessness a while back I had an amazing career whereby I was a director and a team leader and was recognised in my transport career but once I had my children I decided to have a career break loved every moment with my kids but with few to no mummy friends and just being a mummy I lost a sense of my skills beyond mummy n housewife job. I felt low and thought this is how it was going to be too but then I found my most amazing job and I love it it's in retail but working for yourself and the hours you want and working from home. It was perfect for me with the kids at home. I love talking to people and soon my sense of loneliness disappeared because my job didn't feel like a job as I loved but the people who work with me are so supportive and encouraging. I have gone from leaps and bounds and close to getting slots of promotions and bonuses. I love that I get recognition for this company something I have never had ever to this extent and the support is truly unbelievable ! I am in an amazing company earning brilliant money but not stopping there as lots of promotions and bonuses to be had soo working hard but I know I will get it as others have too. It's all based on who you are, for once if ine works you get rewarded and paid very well!! I am now looking to expand my team and am recruiting for toe more people who are hardworking and have a flair in sales and can excel to achieve the bonuses and the incentives. If you are interest text me on. 07595368834 yarlini.
From what you have mentioned I think with your. 8 years retail you would be an excellent employee and would fit into the company immediately and excel to get bonuses but you will be paid incredibly well if you work hard. I never thought doing what I could do could earn me so much money just feel blessed and happy perhaps you too could feel like this. Contact me for a chat about the job ! Don't lose sight of your dream it can happen it's happening to me and I too near lost hope like you. Make you get in touch with me x

great to hear.... good luck

I am happy to report that after 8 months of dilligent searching, I have found a new position. I start next week.

It's challenging out there... I'm 46 and still have my position but am looking around for better opportunities.<br />
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-- you said --<br />
because I am embarrassed to tell people I am unemployed when inevitably someone asks me what I do<br />
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if you meet someone who asks what you do, you don't -need- to let them know you're unemployed. You are still a highly qualified person who did something worth 6 figures... Have you tried networking with all your conacts, past colleagues, classmates, LINKEDIN.COM? Best of luck to you.<br />
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God bless us all...I am also in the same boat; prestigious degrees; star performer and have started taking interviews...all goes well...then I hear that I am either too expensive etc...No doubt, it's a good learning period that troubles teaches us life lessons, but at the end is it worth to be so dependent on an employer. <br />
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I have started my own company - and I am better engaged there these days. Now I will always have a fall back option.

Hello my fellow unemployed friend, Yup, I was hired at a major corporation (they told me it took 2 years to find the right person), nine months later my job is eliminated. The mortgage company on our house told us we couldn't afford the house and move out. We did. Now they just sold our house for $350K less than the mortgage. The mortgage company will be coming after us for the balance. The price they sold the house for was affordable to us but they refused to work with us. So we lose our house and will never be able to repay the shortage. Nice, huh!<br />
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You are not alone. I understand the slipping away thing. I too have sent hundreds of resumes out. My Wife still has her job. I have become quite good at cleaning, ironing and laundry. It keeps my head out of my butt.<br />
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May tomorrow be a better day for all of us!