I Need A Job

Ok, this will be cryptic, but chronological:


November, 2008 hired at a major corporation - great job and praised for performance

May, 2009, at an annual physical, doctor advises they think I had a heart attack

July, 2009, stress test reveals no heart attack

The next day, job eliminated (nine months after being hired)

August, 2009 IRS advises by mail of random audit for tax years 2005 - 2008

October, 2009 advised by mortgage company to move out, they refused to work with us, listed house for sale with realtor

November, 2009 , moved to different house; IRS advises "not allowing ANY normal itemized deductions"; we owe $250K to the IRS; don't have the money to keep attorneys fighting for appeal

November, 2009, loaned sister-in-law money to pay her taxes on her house, to be paid back within 10 days

January, 2010, offer on house $400K cash buyer -- we could afford the house for that but were not allowed

March, 2010, advised by bank they would be suing us for $350K shortage on mortgage balance; IRS expected to require repayment within 36 months of $250K.  


Moral of the story:  [you guys fill in the blank, I can't find the moral]


Still have my sanity, not on medication, and my sense of humor remains!  I hope this makes others feel better, hearing terrible stuff about other people usually helps diminish our own perception of our issues.


Tomorrow has to be a brighter day!


WeighToGo WeighToGo
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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

Hope tomorrow is a brighter day for you.... suppose it can't get much worse huh? When I read this, my personal miseries seem quite trivial.