What to do and how to do it???

How do you start afresh? When everything feels empty and broken, with no one to turn to 

Everything you had, now gone and lost forever

Where do you turn?

nick4545 nick4545
36-40, M
2 Responses Apr 12, 2012

I used to turn to my own inner strength. One day I had to acknowledge I could not do it alone. I needed a spiritual foundation. A good friend said that when he was having a hard time, his grandmother would read him Psalm 25. I started to read it whenever I felt lost and overwhelmed. It felt like a loving grandma was reading it to me. I began to read other parts of the bible and to write down verses that comforted me. I have a book now of comfort and strength and hope. Accepting I was losing on my own was not easy but actually struggling on my own is much, much harder.

a hope...that keeps us going. just a hope that everything would be fine soon.