21 And I Feel Like I Have No Future.

I've always been fairly good at school, I enjoy learning, and I love reading. I graduated from a small town school, with only about 50 graduates, and a dream to go to university and start my career early. I ended up taking 6 months to work right away after grade 12, and then started school in Lethbridge in the winter semester. I had everything planned out. I wanted to take 2 years of sociology (with no idea what that meant at the time) and then transfer into the social work program. I struggled with the first two years of soci. I couldn't keep my grades up, and I couldn't seem to stay in one course and stick with it. After four withdrawals of courses and an extra semester to finish up my two years of soci prerequisites, I finally decided to drop out of school completely and just work until I knew what course in life I actually want to take. I began to think that social work was not something I would enjoy, and that I would not be good in that such field. Now what? Im now 21, I have a full-time job that barely gets me by every month and everybody around me it seems is successfully finishing school and or starting their new careers. I want to move but my lease isn't up. I want a new job, but I don't want to start again from scratch. I want to go to school but I feel like I can't afford it, nor do I even know what program I want. The programs I thought I was interested in are way across Canada. If I move I lose my friends, my co-workers, and my job that I worked so hard at for over a year. If I stay, I feel like Im obligated to stay at my job to keep moving up and to work my way into the corporate chain of employees/ managers. If I move, I will be broke, its more expensive to live in bigger cities, and I still don't know if or when or what I want to do with school. More and more each day I have less motivation to work out in the morning, my house is looking more and more like a barn, and I am feeling nothing but stress. Im only 21, and I feel like I have no future.
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