Trying To Figure Out What To Do

Ok, when I was younger I was very successful in all I put my mind to. And it looked as if I was going to have a promising career in the film industry. However, I got ill with schizoaffective disorder. Now I live at home on my mother's couch, and rarely leave the house. I have a hard time going to school etc. However, I am very bright and want more for myself! I have been severely depressed for about 5 months now...but I am trying to get my self out of it. And I am going to go back on my meds as soon as my insurance kicks in. The thing of it is, I just can't picture living on SSDI forever! It is extremely depressing. I have no money to do anything! I want more for myself. I would really like to get my real estate license and move back to Staten Island, I loved it there. I just need to be able to socialize again...grr so frustrating. I am also trying to think of jobs that are low stress/ dont have too much pressure or social interaction.
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2012

Read the book "the secret"

Just take things one step at a time. It seems like once you get your meds you will feel better and be able to get out and live life. I'm not sure a "low stress" job exists, but I know some jobs are MORE stressful than others. I hope that makes sense. Maybe do something you love. I hope everything works out for you soon!