What I Believe,

I am learning about Christianity. It isn't a bad thing, could someone help me learn about it. I want to learn more. I grew up with it though I believe some things have changed. My mom and my other relatives and friends taught me about it. It helped me throughout the years. I prayed and talked with others about it. I read my bible when I felt like it though. I am a lot better at studying it now. What I need to know is, could I ever find good Christian friends? I just don't know, so many people say things that they don't believe. So I am trying to find some people that care about what I care about.
Please get to know me.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I know this is a really late response but you could always looking into a "college and careers" group at a local church. They are always casual meetings without heavy bible reading and sometimes they have fun events that occur outside of the church for social purposes. So I guess that's where you can find some good Christian friends if you haven't found any yet