A Lot Of U People

Ok first of all, this story is to Inspire a lot of u who sound depress in this website. I realize a lot of u don't have a inspiration, a why u at the job u are now, a reason why life is the way it is, a reason why u can't and don't want to accept the life that u have now and be happy with it, a reason why u want to better your self, and furthermore accept the reality of this world.
Maybe not everything I just say may apply to u, but don't lie some of this does because it apply to me once in my life. The first thing you have to accept in this life is that we all die one day and once u learn that then you'll decide how you want to be remembered. Do you want to be remembered as the person who sat in the couch and complained about life but then again never took the risk or the guts to do something about it? Maybe not and some of u have probably tried and thought u had it all once but things happened and u lost it all. Well guess what? Once u go up the stairs one day ur going to have to walk back down right? Well a lot of ppl fail to remember why they started what they did and forget the reason why. Don't let money hold u back from what u want to do at the end of the day is just paper that has no value and you'll realize that one day only if u haven't already. Money loses its value everyday without us realizing it and we give so much concern about it that we forget the why? Before u can start with how u do it or what u do u need to know the why! Once u learn that trust me there is nothin in this planet that can stop u from doing what u really WANT TO DO. Because remember u didn't start because of money, God didn't sent money from the sky and said hey learn how to live with this. It was man kind who invented so why let that stop u from what u want to do. U want more advise perhaps spiritually and I don't mean religion wise but read this book it's called "the secret" look it up maybe in YouTube it's not even long I didn't write it but maybe it can inspire u to be wat u want to be In life perhaps haven confidence or how to be more positive, how to have more money that u have now, and the most important thing how to love yourself. Want to hear more from me comment if not comment as well I want to know
Chonchiii Chonchiii
Jan 10, 2013