And Im Working On It

I want to be  a confident person and im working on that ,It is my first goal .. and i know its gonna be hard .. But i have to be able to look at myself and say ya know what i like myself maybe im not gonna be the best looking thing  like i was when i was younger ...  but im also almost thirty .. but it doesnt mean i cant be the best i can be .
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3 Responses Jul 13, 2007

Read the book "the secret" maybe that helps look it up

ElLagarto, I don't think you left anything else to add. That is one hell of an inspiring plan. Confidence will come as a result of knowing who you are in the world and where you want to go. Your age never defines you until the day you stop learning. I'm *only* 33, however, keep waiting on this wisdom that supposedly comes with age. I don't have it yet but I enjoy the childish freshness this affords me.

BP Poster Child. At 30 you should remember that the word "child" is right there in your name. Time is your friend. What you're talking about some folks never get. Here you go. 1. Know yourself - I mean - really know yourself. 2. Like yourself - which really means accepting yourself as you are. 3. Enjoy yourself - have fun being the real you. 4. Let others enjoy you being you. That - my dear - is a plan.