I Am Just Tired of Not Being Noted

I am a 26 year old Graphic Designer no wait a singer ... ummm no a cook .... better yet an artist, nope I am a big brother to kids in need, nooo that's not right I am a fashionista .... damn it no I am a baker ... no better yet again a saint, actually its all true and there is more to me but I am not ever noted at what I do ... yes I have been recognized even been in the paper but I am just not happy.

So many traits, so many talents and I cant even find the job that I want as a Graphic Designer, its sad to think that I have hit a wall at 26 and I don't even know how to go up from here. I used to have an apartment but now I live with my mother and father, I used to have a life and now I live in the closet, I used to know who I was and I was confident but now I am a shut in!

I feel I am on auto-pilot and I am no longer at the helm, in control of my own self ... I feel like someone else is driving all together, How do I do what I love and am good at, when no one will hire me because I am not noted... is my experience as a designer not good enough ... do I really have to have that damn initial behind my name that says I am somebody or am I not until I do?

My life has become a black hole with no ladder to climb out of it.

Does anyone hear me ??

RockerDude24 RockerDude24
1 Response May 5, 2009

we hear you... I am not a graphic designer and have no idea what it means to be noted, what does that mean? How do you get it?