How Do You Start a New Life Plan

I would like to make a lot of changes in my life. Has anyone created a life plan? How does one start? 

kris133 kris133
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4 Responses Mar 25, 2010

I desperately need to refocus & write out some life plan ideas too.
I think the comment/ideas from
mummyTIME are great & i'll be giving it a shot this week.
After having possibly the worst year ever & losing my Mum to cancer 8 days ago, I am at a stand still. Something needs to happen to allow a positive progression.
Good luck Kris133 , Lilou84, Goldfishy & MummyTIME

first u have to define what is it that you want. I am at the same point as you. I wanna live my life and not just go with the flow. Maybe we can motivate each other. Plesa ad me to your contact if you are interested...

sounds a really good idea..ill try that i need to have one

I'm trying to create a new life plan, or as I put it - I am cleansing my life and improving it, as I had a really bad year last year and realised I needed significant change for the better.<br />
I found it really hard to start, but first I picked up a pen and wrote down the areas of my life that I really wanted to change - ie: health/ well-being/ exercise/ diet, work/ career balance with lifestyle, relationships/ family/ friendships, and things I want to do just for me and so on. I found it easier to start with identifying what was bad - but the step after that is to be constructive with thinking about what you can do to improve - because just dwelling on the negative will not give progress.<br />
I think it can be really overwhelming if you change too much at once, so I think you should concentrate on one or two areas at a time.<br />
If anyone else has advice I’d love to hear it too. Thanks