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I have not yet been at this job for a year , well it will be in April.  I have managed to hurt myself twice now on the job.  The first injury was a shoulder sprain in my left shoulder.  So i go to the ocupational health doc and he says it is work related and to be on lite duty for a week.  So i listen to what he says, after the week is up i go back to see him and of course i feel ok, he sends me back to work and they put me in the same place i was when i hurt myself in the first place.  Not happy about that, but i do it anyway.  So a month goes by and im doing ok.  I come home from work like usual and go to bed, wake up at 2am and cant move my head or my shoulders.  I take a hot shower to see if the heat will losen me up and but it wont work. I am in so much paine that i am crying now.  I force myself back to sleep and wake up again at 7am to get ready for work.  Cant move and husband has to get me out of bed so i can call the doctor.  I get an appointment and call off work for the day thinking i would be ok .  Well my family doc says that i have sprained my neck and right shoulder due to over working muscles in them to make up for the still week muscles in my left shoulder.  So he gives me a neck collar to wear to take some of the pressure off my neck to rest it and gives me three meds to take.  One for pain, one muscle relaxer and one for inflamation.  I go home call work and they say to go to the occupational health physician first thing in the morning, I go and he agrees with what my family doc says and says that it is related to the first injury that was work related .... then in the same sentence says that this injury is not work related because i was asleep when i felt the pain.   I said are you kidding me?  I cant believe what i am hearing , he says i am ok to go back to work and i still have this brace on my neck........

Now i have been off work for 1month and workmans comp denied my claim, then the day after they sent my denial letter they send me a prescription card and i can use that.  Needless to say i got an attorney and she is more than happy to take the case.  Anyway first hearing is in April and i need some prayer about this because they are wrong but i have been told that these things can take up to a year for a judgement.  I just want them to settle .....MY bills need

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Sure I can pray that your case be settled sooner. Hope you win. Must be some crazy job you do.