Where Do I Go From Here

I want to be successful. I am turning 20, with almost nothing to show for it. I do go to college, but failed most of my courses due to social anxiety. I want to change peoples lives, be a social worker. But how can I when I feel like I'm a hermit crab? I've always had drive and ambition.... so many hopes and promises made to myself.   Where, where do I go from here? I'm lost without a map. I want to make my life worth living it isn't about status I want to be the person I was meant to be... destined to be .... somewhere along this winding road.
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The fact you question your purpose will ensure your success. Patience really is a virtue when calm and optimistic.

I think a plan to deal with your social anxiety would be helpful.<br />
<br />
You need to address that head-on either through counseling or (depending on its severity) medication. Once you can address that issue in your life it will free you up. The anxiety seems to be holding you back from taking action. Address the anxiety and you will be able to act and once you're able to act you'll start seeing more concrete results.

I'm almost 20. You sound like that is so old, but I was the same as you when I was young.<br />
I let anxiety and depression keep me from doing much of anything with my life.<br />
Don't I regret that , wow. Your're beautiful , get out there and if you have to , seek some<br />
counseling. You will be a great counselor because of these experiences .<br />
<br />
Just get out there, sign up for school and GO. You;ll find once you get somewhere that you are fine, and wondered why did you worry so much about going , At least it's that way for me.

If anyone knows the answer they would be billionaires<br />
All you can do is keep walking on the path that feels most right for you <br />
We have to make our owm maps according to what we value most