I Know There Are Hungry Little Sex Kittens Out There....just Sooooo Hard To Find!

Clean, attractive professional man. Married, Daddy of 4.

I remember how bad I wanted women how were much older than me to take me....

It never occured to me that there were laws preventing such a thing.....I was 13 ish when I really started craving them....

Now as an adult man, I do not want to be with a 13 y/o, but I definitely would love to have a 18 - 21 playmate, that wanted to enjoy herself and learn from a mature experienced man.....

I KNOW that your out there.....but everyone I find isn't interested in truly becoming friends that help each other, but more a young working girl hussling.

I want to teach her about being cared for and cared about.....about what it is like to be the focus of a mans attention and not just a receptical for a horney boy.

I know I'm dreaming, but one can hope.

cantstopfantasizingaboutyou cantstopfantasizingaboutyou
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013