In Love, For Life.

I want a man who will treat me as an equal. Who will value my opinions & lean on me when needed. A man not afraid to need me. Someone to share the pain & joy with. Someone to carry his load, but strong enough for both of us when needed. I will of course do the same for him. I want a relationship that is 50/50. I've been in relationships where I did most of the work, emotionally & mentally. He did the financial (& not very well), & assumed that was enough. I'm sorry, but it isn't. That's not a true partnership, it took me a while to figure it out but now I know.

I need a man who's going to be there for all of it. Everything....No chickening out if it gets rough, no pulling away when it gets harder to talk. I want someone who will share everything with me & respect me enough not to lie, cheat, or hurt me. I deserve to be given as much as they take. I want a man who will shower me with love, someone who will let me be selfish every once in awhile. Someone for me..............I need a partner, for life....

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Mar 21, 2009