im 26 now i been having one the worried years of my life from my grampa and my aunt passing away. to my love of my life cheating on me. my otherr grampa almost lost his battle with a heart problem and now i work more then i should to help my girlfriends family and my family stay afloat. i just want to find a place to rest and not have the world on me i know god only gives you what you can handle but i dont know how long i can hold on i dont eat much anymore and sleep a few hours between everything if somone out there is reading this and has any idea how to make my life better peace help

thank you and god bless
pitbull1986 pitbull1986
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

You sound like a good person, but all your energy is directed towards worry / others. Take time for you. Be kind to you. God will take care of your problems !