Urgent Need For A Place To Live

I won't beat about the bush, I will go straight, so am married and my marriage will b 5 yrs, nw I have a small baby of 15mths, my husband has never been caring, I mean I never gave me money to use but instead ask me money to pay for the rent, now am so tired and depressed don't know what to do, I don't have a proper place to live, all the times moving from here to there at times in B n B and sometimes in a room

please tell me what to do

am so  tired with my life, looking after baby, household and all the stuff

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6 Responses May 20, 2010

Live in Nanny needed in are near central Texas zip 78676 greact hill country for people who a person who wants a new start husband owns a few company's and I work and we have a 7 month old daughter a hand would be great we can and will supply room to a lady cause we do have a little one and we love to see people do better its the. Heart they he has and I support that to the fullest thanks if you are you know a decent person looking for what we have to offer please fell free to have them. Contact us its a ranch house on lots of land and we work all the time we have cars horses goats lol we are God blessed to help others we hats to see people doing bad so 5126628286 thanks kanesha or AC WE ARE YOUNG WHIT BIG HEARTS LOL

Women in Idaho (Country living) Need someone to help fill 4-bedrm home. Help with lite cooking & house sitting. Will not pay, but what is mine is yours.

think we need locations if you need help

Where are you located? I'm in Southern California and am looking to leave my husband too - maybe we could work something out...

Where do you live, I mean in what state. I live in Virginia and would like to help. I am a mother of two.

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I'am Krishna , your message was the 1st I came across, and not sure if your circumstance is still the same, but trouble don't last always you will get through your trails. Never give up on life because life has it ups in downs, but joy comes in the morning.