I Need a Place Right Now - Smoke-free and No Carpet.

I gave up my apartment to move to another city. It didn't work out. I couldn't find an apartment that met my basic needs. I've been looking for 3 1/2 months now, spending the past 6 weeks in hotels. Because I cannot be around cigarette smoke, I can't use the cheap hotels, so this has really cut into my savings. I hardly care what city or town I go to, just so I can have a home before my money runs out.

I'm unemployed, on unemployment until November, it looks like, what with the extensions from the economic stimulus plan. So I can pay the rent on a year's lease, up to $800 a month though I'd prefer to pay less.

I need a place where the entire building is smoke-free and where people don't smoke outside the building, because it gets in even when the windows are closed. It can be an old house that was converted into apartments; I actually prefer those.

I also need it to have hardwood floors or some other kind of floor - just no carpeting. It must also be clean, well maintained, in good condition. Off-street parking is another must. The building must also have good enough walls that I won't hear other people's TV and stereo noise.

I've posted ads in various craigslist.com versions, searched there as well. Of course I've checked newspapers, apartment guides (which don't really work for me because they're for complexes, and complexes don't usually have smoke-free, carpet-free apts.

I'd consider a house, but I'm not in a position to buy. I can't pay hundreds a month in utilities above and beyond the rent. I don't need 3 or 4 bedrooms, only one. I can of course be flexible about size as long as the price is right.

My preference would be an apartment in a beautiful old house (meaning 1920 or earlier), where there are intriguing architectural features, but I can compromise on that. I very much want a walkable area, meaning sidewalks, streetlights and places to walk to, like shops and maybe a park. I'd prefer a northern climate, but at this point will consider other places.

My priority is a place to live, so I'm not going to require that it be near jobs in my field. Anyway, I only work so I can have a place to live. I chose my last apartment because it was close to my job, and because I couldn't find a place that met my smoke-free/carpet-free needs. It was a mistake. My health really suffered. I cannot go back to that. So I'll commute as far as I have to, but I must have a place where I can live and be healthy.

Suggestions are welcome. I really need a place as soon as possible.

LisanneNeedsaPlace LisanneNeedsaPlace
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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Thanks for the tip, LadyDove! I hadn't heard of Kijiji before. If I have any luck, I'll post an update. : )

Have you looked on a site called Kijji, they have lots of places in different cities and you can post what you want as well for free. Just a thought.