My Story Isn't That Bad, But...

I come from a regular family, only child, two parents who love me very much... I wish I could be grateful for the life I was given, but ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to find the perfect girl in my life...

Is it so hard to trust a guy for once? When he sincerely tells you he just wants to try to make things right, to give you everything he's got... is it just that, girls are the ones, who will never take the risks in relationships, and not guys? I secretly wish sometimes that I could just walk up to every girl, and asked her on the spot, what she thought about me, and if given the chance, would she give me a shot? A shot is all I need, I'm not asking for her hand in marriage. I just want to tell someone I love them and for them to feel the same way about me... Love isn't a game folks, but if you keep doing things that way, well I've lost hope in relationships.
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It just pains me so much, because my track record is, I've been dumped every single one of my relationships because she just kind of ran out of steam. It's always her saying I'm sorry it won't work out, and that she's tired of it, like maybe I wasn't just experienced enough, but my point is, I never did anything truly to wrong her. Sure I made mistakes, but they were forgivable, they weren't heartbreaking in any way.<br />
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So unless it's my personality coming off the wrong way, I don't know why girls have to be so afraid. I understand the comments written here, I understand why, but logically it doesn't connect... The one time I've been asked out by a girl, I flat out rejected her because I knew it couldn't happen, and I wasn't into her. That gave me some insight, but in some cases, we're just so close, and sometimes it's easy to be mislead into thinking that she actually has a thing for me, when she doesn't. It's not like she uses me, but at the same time, I'm just always ready to be there for her emotionally... Maybe she just wants somebody else.<br />
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But it seems like every girl I meet just never is interested in a relationship or is too scared to give it a shot... It just makes me so frustrated and sad because I always think it's my fault... I don't know a TON of people, but I thought I'd know enough to at least leave a good enough impression on and have them like me back. It just sucks is all... Wish I'd meet a nice girl who truly liked me back, for once.

If my heart wasn't broken by a guy in the first place then may be I wouldn't tell a guy who confessed that I can't trust them. It is not because I don't like them, for me, it's because I can't trust if they really do love me or not. I've been rejected and I've been suffered unrequited love and it's painful. Also my family, my father with 3 wives but in the send still left my mum for another woman. After all the "forever loving you" words and all the promises for love, relate ships still end. When I say I don't trust guys, I mean I don't easily give a chance to anyone or easily trust any guy not because Im looking for a better guy but because I'm not sure if he really loves me. If i could trust him and see that his love us real and last, I will definitely never let him go.

Let me tell you something brutally honest that might be hard to hear for you. You need to find out why these girls are saying no. Really why. <br />
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Girls say "I just cant trust guys" when really the truth is "im waiting for that guy who broke my heart to come around" or, im really into this one guy right now, and im hoping he will ask me out/get back together with me/ finally realise what he did wrong and come back to me.<br />
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Girls say a lot of things instead of telling the truth, because they dont want to flat out reject a guy they arent attracted to, especially when they value his friendship and dont want to lose him as a friend. I dont know you, and I dont know your situation. But honestly "i find it hard to trust guys" screams out "i dont like you like that" or "im waiting for something I consider better"<br />
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If I'm right, sorry. But there are so many girls, who are beautiful, and worthy of affection, that you would be better off with. Trust me, you dont want to be in a relationship with someone who isnt head over heels crazy about you. Someone who wakes up in the morning and looks over and thinks, Ugggh, I could have done so much better. <br />
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Life would be miserable for the both of you.

Probably they find it hard to trust a guy, especially if the guy goes around and say the word "love" a lot. A guy like myself would love to have a guy who loves me and would do everything for me. I bet all the girls would want the same thing. But if she doesn't trust you, may be you are just not her type or she is just find it hard to believe how much you love her.