Just Get Away

Nobody understands me.So I just don't say anything.Maybe I am wrong.Yet nothing changes I am a teenager with anger issues I'm depressed and my parents have no idea what I go through everyday.I havenever been bullied but I know what it feels like to be excluded from things.Sometimes I think I do desrve it and how I feel.I just take it.What good does it do to say anything.Sure I have a couple of good friends but the rest are so fake and then lie to your face like I didn't know the truth.Then to top it all off I recently lost my best friend.That was the last of me.There went the last piece of my happiness with her.I miss quiete a lot and it sucks waking up knowing you are going to not see this person whom I loved so dearly.She was my everything my world.my sister,my comfort and now shes gone.Today has been horrible too,I have cried a lot today...it sucks,life sucks.I want to disappear
Jenna1225 Jenna1225
22-25, F
1 Response May 8, 2012

I'm sorry that you aren't feeling so great right now. It is really important to have good friends, and it can be really hard when you don't have any close friends to go to. I think there's nothing wrong with just accepting things and moving on, but you don't always deserve all the negative and punishment that you think you do. You deserve to be happy! I'm sorry that your friend is gone. I know how important she is to you, and it really hurts now that she isn't around. Life does suck sometimes, but you just have to keep going, because one day it will get better. Life doesn't suck forever! Whatever goes down will come back up! Sure, you miss your friend now and you feel lonely, but soon you'll feel better and maybe your friend will even come back! Just don't lose hope, because unning away and disappearing won't make things get better!