Im Just Speechlesss.......

i fear for who ever is in this, i fear for my own life. As 2pac said " all eyes on me". I dont quite understand how this country of ours can just  be so easy minded by these people. There damaging our childrens brains. there making us adults seem 13 again by the music & subliminal messages there sending through everything. Im getting so paranoid the more i read/watch that im scared to leave my house or even look at things with out a subliminal message there. Im only 17 this isnt sane this is insane maybe i should go to a doctor or something but im afraid the meds they will give me will mess my head up even more. Im terrified to look at things. i wish my eyes werent on my body so i could be a normal 17 year old not worried about living or not. Im really not just mad im hurt that no one will just stand up like a man & just tell us what is up with this counrty & its secrets & i beleive we the people have a right to know the truth.I think people need to start telling us the truth now before you guys go to far with this. You are evil, mind controlling human being who were created by god but instead you worship a creature. You are not in your right mind, maybe your being mind contolled  by that creature i dont know but if your are in your right mind(who even knows what the right mind is)then you are no human you are a monster & sick sick made of flesh. You are not going to mind control me i am a person a person with feeling thoughts, characterization,  with my own imagination. you are nothing to me you are the most manipulating bag of lies, ive ever met you are crazy. 
& you are driving me crazy im done through. Your not in control of me, I AM!!!!!!
insanelysanesomeone insanelysanesomeone
May 8, 2012