I'm Lost What Do I Do

Is just that I'm in a place were i don't know what to do i finally got out of high school an yet i still cant find a job my family is in need of help but i don't want them to get government help. I lost my father when i was 9 an since then i never had a father figure I'm a little nervous around people i don't know that well an i feel awkward sometimes but i trying to open up a bit i just i need to know is it me the reason that i cant get a job cause i have no experience or is it cause of the economy an am i a little shy because of what happen to me when i was 9 or is it something that i keep saying because i didn't have a father figure growing  up I'm just really lost an need to know what to do so i can get over this.
MrScrewedup214 MrScrewedup214
18-21, M
May 24, 2012