I Thought I Was In Love

I knew Him because I dated his brother. As me and His brother grew apart, me and Him grew closer. I liked Him right away, but at the time He had a girlfriend. So I never expressed my feelings. When Him and his girlfriend broke up, we started talking as more than friends right away. It went on like that for a while until She came along. Not only was she less attractive, but very obsessive as well. He used to say how annoying she was until they became closer. And like me and His brother , as we grew apart, they grew closer.
But there was no way id give up. No way in hell. When Him and Her started dating, we kept talking. Almost a year of them being together She cheated and they broke up. It was my turn to get back what I still felt was mine. The time we were together was ,and still is the happiest I've ever been. But as this seems to go, no good things last. For some reason, I ended it with Him. At first I thought it was for the best, then I knew it wasn't. But by that time it was too late. She had gotten him back. And She still has Him.
Through this heartbreaking, eye-opening experience, I learned to cherish what you have in life. And to hold on. Hold on as tight as you can. I learned to love another person more than myself. And I learned to grow up, and to move on. Love hurts. But I learned to love again.
iknowhowitfeels iknowhowitfeels
Aug 11, 2012