I Knew This Day Would Come

My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 months now, just 1hour ago in the middle of texting he told me his ex-girlfriend who he was with for 2 years somehow found out that I was pregnant and she felt some way about it. He goes on to say he was shocked and I asked how did she find out? He stated "I wondered that to", I then asked how did he feel about her finding out? His answer was "heartbreaking", now let me stop there even after 2 years how she feels still affects him that becomes an issue within any relationship. I didn't go off the handle just merely stopped texting. He said I sent her a message explaining my love for you (meaning me) and my respect for her (his ex). At the end he put I felt more confident in you and me, so that means you had doubts?!? I'm upfront with my doubts yet if he did have any it was kept quite. I'm not in danger of getting hurt however this makes me stop all the planning of seeing him since we're 2 hours away from one another. I've wrecked my brain of thinking of ways to get next to him
appleme624 appleme624
Sep 13, 2012