Im 21 and my girlfriend of 2 years in 19. We recently moved in together and I now hate my life. Shes so ****** rude and inconsiderate. For example I have work at 5am and she wants me to watch our 7 month old son (who doesn't sleep through the night) so she can go to the ***** club. I was trying to go to the ***** club with my buddys not too long ago but she said she didn't feel comfortable with me going unless she was there but when i told her the same thing she said she doesnt care. At one point in our relationship I loved her sooo much! She was my everything but lately Ive began to despise her. Her family is so ******* idiotic her 200lb sister literally tried to fight me in front of my son! I think its ridiculous that she takes relationship advice from her mother who coincidentally filed for divorce the other day ! When we met I was really fit because i was in the military and now that ive put on some weight she brings it up every ******* day! I don't talk about her weight gain or her stretch marks. Shes attractive physically but the way she acts makes me not want to do anything with her sexually so now when she wants it and I don't she gets super angry and gets an attitude. I recently had an opportunity to cheat on her and I wanted too soooo bad but I didn't and I don't understand why not. I have an apartment lined up that I can move into but I feel like if I do so I will never get to see my son. I moved almost 2hours away from my friends and family so I could be closer to her and my son and now I'm out here all alone. Ive always been an upbeat person but lately life has been so depressing I briefly considered suicide. Shes knows when I'm sad and upset but she doesn't care. I don't have anyone else. I'm all alone and this loneliness is giving me way to much time to think. I dont want to think I just want to be happy. Im thinking about moving in with my brother about 6 hrs away but the only thing keeping me is my son and without him I would be even more miserable than I am now.
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Sep 15, 2012