I'm Head Over Heels For A Lesbian

i've known this girl for 5 months. She's a lesbian and i'm not im bi or at least i think i am. But it doesn't matter because every time i'm around her i get butterflies and i stumble on my words. I just love to see her smile. I would honestly do anything for her. Only thing is.... she's in love with her best friend also a really good friend of mine, who is straight and has a boyfriend. THe girl knows i like her a lot. but she says she emotionally unavailable and i understand she broke up with this girl like 3 months ago and she is still getting over the fact that her best friend doesn't like her in that way. But isn't she basically saying that its not going to work out between us like that because she doesn't like me like that. Which is a complete turn down. but like we are still buddy buddy and stuff which ****** me off in a way; because i've gotten to the point where i would do anything and everything to be with her in that way. That's honestly the only thing want and it may sound corny but its true i just want her, to be with her, and to let me love her the way she needs to be loved and not just treated like ****, in her last relationship. i don't know what to do... i don't understand why she could at least give it a shot......?
heartfullofsmiles heartfullofsmiles
Dec 4, 2012