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All right, I get it. Everyone has their own lives and crap to take care of. I understand.
Here's the story:
I am a mother of two. I have a five year old daughter, and a nine month old son, who almost did not make it into this world. He was born ten weeks early.
Well, yesterday I discovered he has dual ear infections, and has yet to complain. Then, to top it off. I learned very dramatically that he is allergic to penicillin. After giving him the medicine the doctor prescribed. Nearly half an hour later he is swelling up, turning beet red and spewing like a volcano. Not to mention crying and screaming, something he rarely does. At least he is still breathing. -That I am very greatful for.-
So, I freak and rush him to the ER. My husband gets off work to join me. In my rush I forget a few important items. I mean.. I wasn't exactly thinking of a long-term stay, just saving my son's life.
So after they get him stable, we're waiting for tests to come back. I breastfeed, but I'm not allowed to feed my son at the moment. It has been nearly six hours for me. Any mother who breastfeeds knows how uncomfortable that is, not to mention how it might affect my supply. Unfortunately, my god given parts are larger than the kit that the hospital supplies can support. Of course by this time the lactation boutique is closed, also. So I could not purchase them. But! There is hope! I do have two sets at home.. but I can't exactly leave my son at the moment, and my husband is -not- O.k. with me leaving him alone with our son in the Children's Hospital.
More hope still! He has sibllings! Where I do not.. And my Mother is busy watching my five year old, who is a drama queen so she does not need to be dragged to the hospital when there are four capable adults within driving distance. So, the phone calls start. First brother called is at work.. Ok, understandable. What about his wife? Oh no, she can't possibly.. Why you ask? She just -has- to play Pool, and that must require hours of prep. So the fifteen mins I'm asking for are OUT of the question. All right.. Fine. Other brother is also working.. AH! but his wife doesn't work! She might- Oh no.. She is busy too. Far too busy to worry about her Sister in law, or her nephew who is suffering at the hospital.
You know, I sucked it up and used the smaller parts, gave myself bilsters and sat silently through the pumping pain. Knowing that my son was going through far worse, with his whole body swollen, red, and covered in bumps. An I-V in his tiny arm, and him strapped down so he doesn't tear it out. All the while being denied food, that he desperatly wants.
I watched him for two months suffering in the NICU when he was born. I did not want to see it again.
I might not have been so pissed.. if not the VERY next day.. The Sister in law that just HAD to play Pool, lives five mins away from us and fifteen mins away from the hospital, came asking for payment for watching my son while I work.
That's right, she's family, but she WILL NOT watch my son unless we pay her. And she is not cheap. Granted, less exspensive than Day Care, but still not cheap for our family's income. She doesn't work, so I suppose she is taking this as her job. Yet she didn't give a flipping crap that my son was in the ER. That's her bread and butter, you'd think she'd care.
I can somewhat understand the other Sister in Law. She lives over an hour away, and has two kids of her own, not to mention her sickly mother she is taking care of. Calling her was a last resort. She already does enough. It just kinda got under my skin, the other Sister, blowing us off in a desperate situation for Pool. It's not like she was detached from the family and has never had contact with my son. She see's him, usualy, five times a week at least. And then she has the nerve to show up, no apology, demanding money from us. We paid the little itch. It was the exact opposite of what I wanted to do, which involved a goat, a midget and ductape.
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