Relationship Issue

Im really frustrated right now. My boyfriend and I have a pretty good relationship. We get along great and rarely ever fight. One issue we have is when he doesn't come home (usually happens about once a month). He will promise me that he will be home before 9pm. When 11pm rolls around, and he's still not home, I usually try him on his cell phone. It usually takes a long time to contact him. When i finally do get ahold of him, he give's me some reason that he wants to stay with his friends and drink (once he told me his dad died...turned out that he actually didn't...that on its own is a long story). I understand that he needs to hang out with friends, but some form of letting me know would be nice. That way i won't worry.

The final straw was last night. He wanted to go to a friends house for a few hours and said he would be home before supper time. Well, supper time rolls around and he hasn't come home yet. I sent him a few text asking if he wanted me to save supper for him. No answer. 8pm rolls around and he calls me. He says he will be home at 9pm. Then changes his story a moment later saying that he won't be home until the following morning. At this point im in tears cause nothing he is saying is making sense. I told him that i wanted him to come home. He said that he would call me back in a few minutes.

About 10 min pass, and his aunt calls and says he is not going anywhere, then hangs up on me before i could ask to speak with him. I kept calling his cell phone til he eventually answered. I begged him to come home and that i would come pick him up. After 20 min, he agreed. When i picked him up, I was crying and told him that I can't do the nights he doesn't come home. I told him that when he pulls stuff like this, it really hurts me. We were able to talk about it some. I told him how i feel when he does this and also told him that i understand that he needs that time with family and friends, but that he needed to understand that im apart of his life too and that he can't treat me like this.

He said that he was going to hang out with some friends today and that he would be home before i got home from work. I made him swear to me that he will be home tonight. If he doesn't come home tonight, I have no clue what I should do. I love him so much, but i can't do this anymore. Part of me thinks it would be better if i just broke up with him and ask him to move out. but then there is the other part of me that know's he loves me and doesn't try to hurt me on purpose. Im just so confused.
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Do you think he is trust worthy?