My Heart Is There But Its Empty

So I have been dating this girl for 5 yrs. A have a 2 yr old together. He is wonderful boy. But the problem being that after 5 yrs things aren't the same. We have nothing to talk about anymore. She constantly leaves me home by myself to be out with get friends. So after working 40 + hours a week. I feel alone and used. She constantly uses me for my money and to be a free baby sitter. Today I cleaned the entire house I mean everything scrubbed the shower sinks cleaned the floor geteverything. I didn't even get thank you. Like I'm going insane she is either cheating on me with someone or I'm just a horrible person. Idk ugh I'm really looking to talk to someone about this situation I feel like I'm going crazy :(
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

take your son and go. more than likely she is cheating on you

Drop her bro