I Feel Like I'm Going Crazy ):

About a month ago, my boyfriend of a year (who was hindu.... i am catholic) and i broke up. Not because we wanted to, but because his family in India found a girl they wanted him to marry and he was forced to leave me. Ever since then, i've been completely heartbroken. He was the first boy i truly loved with all of my heart and i wasn't expecting us to break up.... at least not any time soon. I still cry and i still find myself lost without him. Nothing seems as great as it used to be. He wasn't just my boyfriend, he was my best friend and i lost both. This past week i've been getting migranes and i literally feel like my heart is sinking into my stomach because i can't stop thinking about him and i miss him so much. If i could just have one thing in the whole world, it would be him. I feel like i have no one to really get all of my feelings out to.

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I can assure you you're not alone, heart break is one of the worst feelings, I'm going through the same, but she left me because she wanted which is worse. Just last night I broke down, and its been more than a year she left me. When you love someone so much its gonna hurt because ur heart has to get used to the fact that u don't have them anymore. It hurts, but we all have gone through it, and even if I should take my own advice, it helps to know ur not alone. You'll see that even though u don't want anyone but them, someone will come along one day and make u forget the hurt....hope u get better...

Your not crazy dear, your just heartbroken ... We all go through it at some point :(

I know exactly how you feel. My story isn't quite the same, but it feels the same. The question why this has happened, why people can't love who they love and everyone else can just STFU. They say it gets easier with time, I hope for both of us that it is true. All I can say is surround yourself with people you love and who love you. Go out and do things that you love, give yourself time to relax and rest, but don't let yourself get swallowed by your thoughts. My thing is playing video games with my friends, somehow being someone else for a little while and fighting evil or whatnot makes me perk up, even if it is temporary. I wish you all the best!

Heart brake can be deadly. Its nothing to laugh at. So ignore the stupid below. Nothing I can say will help the pain your in, But if your familiar with his culture you know he had to choose between you and being life long shunned by his family and culture. He wanted to choose you. But if you love him you wont make this harder on him. There is nothing fair about it. TRUST ME I KNOW!!!

Boo hoo cry me a river

Continued, which means like everyone is saying take care of yourself and go on.

I understand, however love changes and for me it is always the other person. When you love someone the right way, my experience is they will not stay in love with you.

I hate to say it but yeah, he can't come back to you. He is bound by tradition. What I can say though is that you need to pull together I'm not trying to be mean, but life is so short to be spent feeling sad, lonely, and depressed. We may fall into these ways, but it HAS TO BE TEMPORARY, or else we waste time, and become in effect bad, or broken people, and although you may have seen him as the one, there is someone out there who is better. It may be mean of me to say right now, but there is. Wouldn't you like to find this person? I'm pretty sure he's out there either searching for you, or wanting to be found by someone like you. I'm not going to say "there's more fish in the sea, or some bs like that, but what I will say, is that you have to give yourself some time to heal. You deserve that. Let me repeat that You deserve to feel normal again. From there, try to move on. At this point, it is the only thing that you can do. Then try to find another guy. I'll tell you from experience, it sucks to get over something like this, but you have an advantage. You are a girl. It is socially acceptable if you "wait" and "pick" You almost don't have to settle. You can find someone better.

He will never come back to you because its a Asian tradition. Get over it and be his good friend. Dont ruin your life

He will never come back to you because its a Asian tradition. Get over it and be his good friend. Dont ruin your life